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Monday, May 1, 2017

Moving to a New Home - Kids Series (The Play House)

In Part 1 of this blog post series, I had shared about the idea of converting one of the common bedroom into a play room for the kids to be able to chill and play in. One of the key advantage about Kids Haven was I am able to customise a bed that could fit nicely into the bedrooms and also be able to attend to my kids needs.

Looking to design your own bed? 
Refer to think link for more details.

Or read out as you check how we design a bed that meet both our requirements and able to fit into the limited space within our home. 

Here's the picture of the room again. The room that we will be designing for the little playhouse. The new kids room for a similar purpose is only about 2.6m *2.4m = 6.24 square meters (including a built in wardrobe). This is less than half the room size of 1 of the kids bedroom in my old home of about 13 square meters.

Here's my needs for this room:

1. It will be like a little play house and be able to accommodate my youngest daughter Kitchen play toys (existing ones).

2. It had to be able to fit the kids school bags and books.

3. It had to be able to fit a toy organiser that sorts all their chapbarang toys.

4. It had to be fitted with tall guards so that they will not fall off.

5. It had to be of a comfortable height so that when we had adults upstairs with them, they will not find the ceiling to be too low.

6. It had to be of a stable structure so that the kids can play in peace in the room even when we are not able to watch them.

7. It had to be able to fit into the room maximising its full space and yet allow us to move around in the room freely and without having the need to take down the pre existing built in wardrobe.

A handful of requirements right?!

I took in a number of considerations, eg the existing room size. And even measured my daughter's toys, existing furnitures, planning what goes where, etc before concluding the final bed size for this bedroom. This bed was made slightly bigger than usual mattresses so that we could allow the kids a little more space to play round with.

After my home project was featured, we had more requests for similar playhouses such as this to be created. I will be sharing them at the end of this post.

Pardon me for the sketchy sketch, heres an overlay of the design that was designed for the Playhouse room.

1. This bed was made based on a loft bed with a bottom height of 1.3m, not too low for a child or an adult to pass through. It is also based on a mattress size of 190*120cm. 190cm length is a standard mattress length. Should the kids outgrow the playhouse bed, we could always pair it with a mattress on either the upper deck or the lower deck or both later.

2. The bottom height measurement was determined based on a few factors, height needed for an adult to sit comfortably upstairs without knocking the head and the overall height of the bedroom. The height of the bedroom is 2.7m. The bottom height was 1.3m with a 10cm space for the bed base. Hence a balance height of 1.3m balance is left.

More rug designs can be found here:

3. The bedguard was designed with a 1m height from bed base to roof tip leaving a 30cm space from the ceiling for some room allowance. Gaps were also made in between so that the adults are able to watch over the kids activities from a distance. We created a little window in the centre of the bed so that the kids could have a house made belief feel too. The most important factor was the guard was high enough to prevent the child from falling when playing on the bed.

4. The bed side rails was designed with the kids initials on it.

5. A simpler guard was made at the back of the bed. However, as there were sliding doors in place, we ensured the guard remained high to protect the kids in the event the door was open.

6. A storage step ladder was designed based on the size of the kids school bags and books. Note: instead of the usual drawer ladders, storage ladders are actually better in maximising space as drawers will have some space used up for internal hard ware such as the tracks, the wooden boards and other stuff. Storage shelves not only allow you the flexibility to specify each column space, you are also able to specify the height that you want for the stuff you wish to designate them for. Some even had hanging rods installed for clothes storage.

7. With one end of the bed filled with a storage step ladder, on the other side of the bed, we fitted it with a toy organiser for the kids to store their endless toys with. 

For more toy storage ideas, can refer to this link:

8. Level 2 was filled with my youngest kitchen playsets, baby toys and many others.

9. In order to hide the mess from the kids toys, we paired the bed with a house theme curtains. Adding more fun to the kids playhouse. Can refer to this link for the bed accessories designs:

In order to be in line with the Playhouse theme, we fitted the bedroom with a clouds design wallpaper in order to make the room look cosier and more spacious. The ceiling was also matched with a rainbow ceiling light in order to create the playhouse feel. Can refer to this link for an offering of cute bedroom lights:

As for the existing built in wardrobe provided by the condo, we kept it simple by pasting some wall decals on it to match with the room theme. We have some wall decals available here:

Does this looked familiar from the first post? This was one of the old furniture shifted from the old home. 

Can refer to this link for the cute drawers:

The playhouse helped to maximise the kids play space by double. The kids were able to chill or play either upstairs or downstairs since there were some space for them. The toy storage space was also doubled because of the loft bed design. We had lots of flexibility with the added size and freedom to change the toys and order. The playhouse had been a favourite for the kids playmates and guests and had housed as many as 6 to 8 kids at a time with kids scattered on both lower and upper decks.

As a general idea, a house loft bed like this would cost almost $2000.  A simpler loft bed design starts from only $858. For more details or ideas of loft beds, you can refer to this link:

More designs of similar loft beds like this playhouse could be found below. Scroll on for more pictures.

We hoped you had find this post on the conversion of a playroom helpful. We will be sharing the making of a sleeping cum storage bedroom in the next post. Also known as the Underwaterworld room. We had designed a QUEEN size loft bed with storage space and shelves. 

Stay Tune for part 3 also the last part of this 3 series kids bedroom blog post.

This post is brought to you by Kids Haven. Visit us at 166 Joo Chiat Road or Westgate Shopping Mall #04-14 for more designs inspirations.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Moving to a New Home - Kids Series (The Challenge - Planning Process)

Moving to a new home is a daunting and tiring process. The challenge is even harder when we had to coordinate the number of stuff to move over from the old home to the new one (which is smaller in space) than the previous home. For a general idea, I had to move from an executive 5 room apartment into a 4 bedroom condominium. As faced by many new home owners, the new condominiums are built smaller and smaller with each new developement. Even, new HDBs are smaller in size then older generation ones too. 

My challenge:

1. Fit 3 kids into 2 designated bedrooms
2. To provide them space to fit their countless toys.
3. To provide them with a place to be able to play and study in.
4. The kids didnt dare to sleep alone at the moment.
5. We had a helper to accommodate as well.

Here's a gist of how my old home and bedroom looked like.

The Princess Room

Here's what we fitted the bedroom with. Some featured designs are available for sale. Click on the item description to be linked to the page.

1. A White Carriage bed
2. A Fairies 2 door wardrobe
3. A Fairies 4 drawer bedside table
4. A Fairies 7 drawer bedside table no 2
5. A fairies clothes stand
6. A multi colour toy organiser
7. An Easel
8. A Mother Garden Kitchen Set
9. A castle display unit
10. A Mother Garden Fridge Set
11. A Mother Garden Washing Machine Toy
12. A small Fairies dressing table later replaced with a Mirror and basic table set
13. Storage boxes for the kids clothes
14. A girls rug

This room used to be about 3.1m * 4.2m = Approx 13 square meters in room size. The new kids room for a similar purpose is only about 2.6m *2.4m = 6.24 square meters (including a built in wardrobe). This is less than half the room size of 1 of the kids bedroom in my old home.

Here's an overview of the bedroom that we will be squeezing the kids stuff into.

Now, lets move on to the second room. My son's old bedroom was based on the racing car theme.

The Racing Car Theme Room

Here's what we fitted the bedroom with. Some featured designs are available for sale. Click on the item description to be linked to the page.

1. A Red Lamborghini Lookalike Bed
2. Aeroplane 2 Door Wardrobe
3. Safari 12 Bins Toy Organiser
4. Safari House Bookshelf
5. Table and chair set with 4 chairs (2 from another table set)
6. Red Gasoline Lookalike CD Shelf (only left with displays instore)
7. Aeroplane Stepstool
8. Pitstop Wall Shelf
9. Cute Cushions
10. Racing Car Lampshade
11. Storage Boxes
12. Cute Kids Storage Stools
13. Racing Car Bedside Table

This room used to be about 3.6m * 2.8m = Approx 10 square meters in room size. The new kids room for a similar purpose is only about 3.7m*2.2m = 8.14 square meters (including a built in wardrobe). Even though slightly bigger than the first room. Its still overall smaller than my old kids bedroom).

Its a nerve wrecking planning process as I had 3 young kids (2 girls and a boy aged ranging from 3 to 7 to plan for).

Here's an overview of the second bedroom for the kids.

With the space constraints and my kids growing needs, I had to configure the best possible solutions to provide the kids with a cosy abode that they could sleep, study and play in. With a 4 bedroom apartment, we actually had one more room to play around with. However, as the kids are not comfortable with separate rooms of their own yet and we needed a room for them to study yet maintaining flexibility for extra guests, we decided to leave that room for free play later.

After much consideration, I decided to split the 2 rooms into 2 different purpose rooms. I will label them, The Playhouse room and the Underwaterworld Room. The Playhouse room would feature a custom made playhouse bed that would allow the kids 2 levels of play space so as to maximise the tiny room space. Who says beds are for sleeping only.

In fact loft beds are great to play around with as we have lots of flexibility with the extra space beneath the bed. Furthermore, they are a cheaper option than double deck beds. As for the Underwaterworld room, we will be using it as a sleeping abode for the kids. Despite it being a bed for the kids, there will still be room for storage and shelves.

For more details of how The Playhouse was designed, please refer to this link:

Stay Tune for part 3 also the last part of this 3 series kids bedroom blog post.

This post is brought to you by Kids Haven. Visit us at 166 Joo Chiat Road or Westgate Shopping Mall #04-14 for more designs inspirations.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Please be my Guest Season 1 (A Mediacorp Production)

Kids Haven is very honored to had been featured by Channel 8 MediaCorp Home Décor variety show for both seasons.

The first season took place in 2014 where 2 families with young kids compete in revamping their extra rooms by converting them into a kids fantasy bedroom which is practical and welcoming to a child. Both families are given a budget to work on. They had to work within the given budget for their purchases. The cruelty of the show is when the loser not only missed the opportunity to meet their favorite Star Guest in their home, the furniture will also be removed.

Season 1:Family 1 Room before the Revamp

Season 1: Family Room 2 before revamp

After a round of product selection from our old store in Woodlands (Now in Ubi and Westgate). Also available on

Here's the end results.

A huge contrast from the previous cluttered bedrooms right?

One family had selected the Safari theme and designed their bedroom in a clean animal design.

The second team had opt for a speedy race car theme that set our adrenaline high. They even made their own traffic light to bring out the room effect.

Judging Moments:

Recap of Before and After Effects

And the end results? Who won?

The Safari Theme room won the hearts of the judges and visit from Star Guest, Xiang Yun!

The winning team were not only allowed to keep the furnitures, they were also awarded a $2000 cash and an additional $1000 furniture voucher from Nova Home Furnishing.

This marks the end of Season 1. But that's not all! Kids Haven was once again being selected to participate in Season 2 which brings on a different group of families with kids of different age group. The second season families had kids who are older and entering their tweens. Hence, the furniture and theme selection are more catered for that purpose too.

Credits to Toggle, Catchup TV and Channel 8.

Friday, September 25, 2015

芯園 Xinyuan - My Dream Castle (Taiwan Yilan Accomodation)

Today, we checked into a very unique castle in Taiwan. Its Xinyuan 芯園. Its a beautiful castle lookalike minsu painstakingly built by the owner and her husband. Every rooms, nook and corner carries an European flair. It even has a beautiful garden filled with many different collections acquired by the owner from her various travels. We had booked our room via (A Taiwanese app). It gave us a pretty good offer for our room.

We booked a 6 person room for NT 8880. And it included a beautiful room for 6 people, a hearty breakfast for 6 people, high tea session for 6 people, a chance to wear the owner's collections of European dresses and take pictures within the nice environment, a NT200 cash voucher for purchase in the minsu gift shop. Usual price, room alone would have cost NT10,000.

Almost every room in Xinyuan 芯園 had a bed with slide catered in their rooms for the children. Taiwan minsu puts in a lot of efforts to lure families with kids to stay with them. The following pictures below all refers to the same room. Its 2 levels and had quite a number of beds in it. Can sleep more than 8 in fact.


Xinyuan 芯園 has a total of 12 bedrooms. Most of their bedrooms had slide beds in it. Let's explore them. Like the beds of Xinyuan or inspired to have a theme room or unique bed like that too? Simply check out for more simpler yet unique bed designs that you could have in your child's bedroom.

We had a chance to take a peek at the queen's room. This bed only have 50 pieces in the world. This is one of them.


Now one of the best part of staying here was the lady owner had generously offered more than 50 types of costumes for men, boys, girls, women and matching accessories for its guests to wear within the hotel premises for photo taking opportunities. Wearing the costumes and taking pictures here not only brings out the ambience of the hotel, it captures the beautiful moments of our families. No need for studio shots. Just come here. LOL...

What makes it better  was our room was just right next to the clothes fitting corner. We just kept popping in and out of our room to try the various costumes.






Now to the food part. Both breakfast and high tea was a spread. The staff had put in efforts to prepare a healthy and sumptuous breakfast spread for the guests. The porridge was organic and had a lot of ingredients added to it. Thumbs up!

Dining in an environment like this reminds you of fine dining ya?

Highly recommended Cake Noble roll only available in Yilan. Read here for more details and also of the places we have covered during the trip:
Line:0911332772 / we chat:ilanxinyuan
Written by Vivien Teo - mother of 3 kids and owner of Kids Haven. An online children furniture store which specialises in quality customised bed, children furnitures, children room acessories, children rugs and many more.
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